The Power of Independent Thinking of a Lawyer

Quality performance in court, victory in a legal dispute is impossible without independent thinking. In the work of an attorney, lawyer, this skill is extremely necessary. Therefore, even when a lawyer begins his studies at the university and even more so when he becomes an assistant or trainee lawyer requires its continuous development. In the deeply developed independent thinking is […]

Which is Better: Written Preparation for a Speech or Improvisation?

Almost twenty years of experience in court representation shows that without careful preparation, without written presentation of the speech is impossible neither quality speech, nor improvisation. Yes, that’s right, spectacular improvisation is based precisely on lengthy written preparation. Observe what you do when you write phrase by phrase, word by word you told yourself what you were writing. In this […]

Rules for Preparation for Negotiations

Like any competition, a negotiation fight requires preparation. Without it, the probability of losing the competition, which is the negotiations is much higher. So, the preparation includes: Tactics the sequence of arguments and depending on what arguments it is appropriate to put forward one or the other, what to say at the beginning, what concessions to make, the minimum and […]

General Rules for the Examination of Witnesses

The most difficult skill of the lawyer is the art of questioning witnesses, especially those who appeared in court at the request of the opposing party. Often, the outcome of a case depends on the examination of witnesses. Moreover, in some cases, in the absence of any evidence, the correct questioning of the opponent’s witnesses can confirm your position, which […]