Program Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

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First Year

Semester 1: Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Introduction to criminal law and its key principles.
  • The process of arrest, investigation and preliminary inquiry.
  • Rights of accused and suspects: constitutional aspects.
  • Fundamentals of evidence and its admissibility in court.
Semester 2: Criminal Procedure Law
  • The trial process: from preliminary hearing to verdict.
  • Forensic evidence: collection, analysis and presentation.
  • Appeal and appeal procedures.
  • Conciliation and alternative ways of resolving criminal cases.

Second year

Semester 3: Specialized aspects of criminal law
  • Criminal law in the area of corporate and financial crime.
  • Criminal law in the area of cybersecurity and cybercrime.
  • Criminal law in the area of drugs and disorderly conduct.
  • Legal aspects in criminal cases involving violence.
Semester 4: Practical skills and training
  • Preparation for court hearings: case analysis, defense strategy, witness preparation.
  • Researching and preparing evidence: expert reports, analyzing data, interviewing witnesses.
  • Drafting procedural documents: complaints, appeals, memoranda.
  • Ethics and professional standards for attorneys in criminal cases.

Additional components

  • Guest lectures and seminars from practicing attorneys, judges and experts in criminal law.
  • Hands-on training sessions utilizing trial simulations.
  • Internships with experienced attorneys and law firms specializing in criminal cases.
  • Mentorship support and individualized career counseling.

In addition, you can take any of the above trainings on your own or choose several trainings of your choice.